My Mother and I

My Mother and I

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Written by Ingrid Seward 

The inside story of the real relationship between King Charles III and his mother, our late Queen, by the acclaimed royal biographer, Ingrid Seward. The relationship between the late monarch and her son, the King, has long been a subject of fascination. The upbringing of an heir is especially important, since the demands placed on the monarch are unique - and no one understood this better than the late Queen.

She knew that not only must they be figureheads, but they must also uphold family values. Princess Elizabeth made it a point of maternal honour to try and build her routine around her young son while doing her duty – something that became an even more delicate and difficult balance when she became Queen. My Mother and I reveals the challenges faced by Prince Charles as he remained in his mother's shadow for most of his life and offers insight into how their relationship operated behind closed doors.

Charting Charles’ colourful life through many personal anecdotes from his family and his friends – from the moment the guns saluted his birth to the day he was officially declared King at his Coronation – My Mother and I is not only a vivid portrait of a complex relationship; it is also a celebration of the power of family.

Format: hardback, 304 pages, 2 x 9pp colour plates 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Ltd. 

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